Tomorrow That Never Was

by Twinmachine

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Initially conceived as a blitz spin-off act to make some noise on the local dark scene somewhen in 2010, Twinmachine quickly accumulated enough original songs for the full-length album you're about to hear.

Help yourself to some 30 minutes of ultra-condensed ass-kicking Leeds-style Gothic Post-punk made in the heart of the Ural mountains!


May 2017: Important Update

'Tomorrow That Never Was' had been released digitally on afmusic in 2013 (afm222). Now that we made our decision to part ways with the label, this Bandcamp account is set up from scratch and managed directly by ourselves, and the album has been re-uploaded with PWYW pricing.

Sending thanks to Marcus and Falk of afmusic -- it's been a pleasure to have business with you, and your help and support are deeply appreciated. We have to move on though.


released March 22, 2013

Music: Constantine P, Dr. 808
Lyrics: Constantine P

Constantine P: guitars, vox, beats&synths programming
Dr. 808: bass, backing vox, beats&synths programming
Serg T: additional backing vox (3, 9)

Recorded and mixed by Dr. 808 @ Rukami Sound
(, Apr~Oct 2011
Cover photo & design: Dr. 808
Band photo: Stacy Ju

Special thanks: Erdelans, Paul Globus, Serg T




Twinmachine Yekaterinburg, Russia

Old School Goth Rock
Yekaterinburg, RU
On hiatus since 2013

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Track Name: Go For The Beat
Track Name: Dance To The Rhythm Of Lead
You dare to look straight into my eyes
Your sweet blunt hate makes me galvanize
Make a small step ahead
And dance
To the rhythm of lead

"And who's laughing now" you said
Putting those snakes in my bed
Make a small step ahead
And dance
To the rhythm of lead

Please hold still, stop running around
Please hold still, I'm aiming my gun
Make a small step ahead
And dance
To the rhythm of lead
Track Name: Paranoia
I meet him every day taking a walk
On this dark lane
In a delirium he talks
He giggles like a rat
And watches me like a spy
Following my back
In a delirium he cries

Why do you follow me like a shade
I say: "Get out!" I say: "Go away!"
I need some stuff
I need some stuff just to stay sane

And then he disappears
It happens every time
Loud echoes in my ears
They say: "Walls! They can not lie!"

What's your name you chunky freak?
I have no time to play
What's your name you chunky freak?
I have no time to play hide-n-seek
Track Name: She
Don't be too hopeful my silly friend
Because you're just one of her toys
A cause in her list like all the other boys
She'll make you lay hands on yourself

You're walking on a thin ice
I mean you've got to think twice
Why can't you see it through her lies
It's only a disguise

Don't buy the smile on her inviting lips
So you'd better kill her while she sleeps
Track Name: Nostalgia Dreams
Every night you gaze
At the lantern's light
Enveloped in a smoke
Flashbacks of those good old days
They hold you tight
They take you far away
And out of sight

What if tomorrow
You'll see all how it was
Thirty years ago
What if your sorrows
Will disapear
After the final chords

Put out your cigarette
And go to sleep again
To the drumming of the rain
Nostalgia dreams
Of times you never lived
You are the same
Track Name: 88mph
Noise behind my back
The pinions turn fast
Enormous machine
Is chasing me
I want to go back
Back in time
To the sweet 80s
By any means

From that sound
From that machine
By any means

I feel I'm faster
It won't get me
Eighty eight miles
I really believe
Track Name: Colder Than Hell
I can't recall my own name
The snow obscures my sight again
I know these footprints lead me
Far away from here

Erase me, friend, and don't regret
We'll meet again someday
We shall
In the place where
All those nameless ones dwell
At the end of the way

So cold, colder then hell
Anyone but me
Anywhere but here
Track Name: Where Have You Been
Bright flashes in the sky
Falling stars light up the night
They make me close my eyes so tight
Where have you been
When it was about time?
I don't need you anymore
Gravity is not a thing I believe in

The rising of the sun
Means nothing to me now
And no one's truth can justify
The things i have done
I don't care where you have been
Sanity is not a thing I believe in
Track Name: The Town Of Horrors
It seems familiar to me
I find myself
Following the mere beat
Following the silent crowd
All along the town streets
Drowning there in grey and brown

Grey asphalt under feet
As cold as ice
"You have to stand against the wind"
"You have to look into their eyes"
As grey as asphalt under feet
No mercy knows this ice-cold wind

The town of horrors

Along the rusty fence again
In search of colours
To paint this town's portrait
To find the ones who'll follow
The ones who will create the light
Here in this town of horrors

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